Which product should I use?

Which High Voltage Detox product should I use?

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is “which one of your detox products should I use?” It’s true that when results are on the line, you want to be sure that you have what you need to get the job done properly. Here are some tips to have in mind when deciding which High Voltage Detox products to use:

1) What type of detox do you need?

A) Our products help to remove toxins from these three areas: Hair, Saliva, and Urinary Tract. If it’s toxin-free hair you’re looking for, then choose High Voltage Folli-Cleanse Shampoo. If you want toxin-free saliva, then choose High Voltage Saliva-Cleanse Mouthwash. If you’re looking to cleanse toxins from your urinary tract, go to the next question.

2) How much do you weigh?

A) Your answer to this question will determine part of the answer to your question since our products are geared towards different weight ranges. If you’re below 200 lbs., then our High Voltage Detox 16 oz. Fast Flush Detox drinks and/or our Fast Flush Capsules should be a great place to start. If you weigh between 200-240 Lbs., then you might want to use our High Voltage 32 oz Fast Flush Detox, which gives you two 16 oz. drinks for twice the cleansing power. If you’re blessed with a bigger frame and weigh more than 240 Lbs., then we strongly recommend the popular High Voltage Double-Flush Combo, which combines our 16 oz drink with our capsules for a one-two punch that really cleans out your system.

But before you make that purchase, you have two more questions to answer…

3) What’s your toxicity level?

A) It goes without saying that the level of toxicity in your system dramatically affects the choice of product to use. If you currently have low toxicity levels any of our products should work well, as long as all instructions are followed precisely. If you have moderate toxicity levels, then follow our weight guide above and you should have great results. If you have high toxicity levels, then we recommend our High Voltage Permanent 5 Day Flush which, when taken as directed, thoroughly cleanses toxins from your system. Keep in mind that the 5 Day flush is most effective on the 5th day.

4) How quickly do you need results?

A) When you’re looking to rid your body of toxins, everyone knows that time is your greatest ally, but some toxins can stay in your system up to 30 days depending on your initial toxicity level. When used as directed, our products help to speed this process. All of our products are effective within one hour.

Remember, when results are on the line – it’s High Voltage Detox.

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