Frequently Asked Questions

I am not satisfied, where do I get my refund?

We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchange.

What are Toxins?

Toxins are poisons in the body that come from things you ingest. For example, you ingest toxins when you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. Our fast flushes work by temporarily cleansing the toxins from your system.

What toxins will this product cleanse from my system?

As long as you follow the directions, the High Voltage products will cleanse all toxins from your system for up to 10 hours.

Can I smoke cigarettes while I use High Voltage Fast Flush products?

It is not recommended but as long as you don’t need to eliminate the toxins from nicotine, you can continue to smoke cigarettes while you are using Fast Flush products.

How do the High Voltage Fast Flush products work?

High Voltage Fast Flush products combine a variety of herbs and vitamins to successfully cleanse your body of toxins. The products are diuretic, causing frequent urination. While an herbal cocktail flushes your urinary tract, vitamins and minerals keep your urine a bright yellow color. For more information, visit our “How to Use” page, which provides detailed user instructions for all our products.

Once I take a High Voltage Fast Flush product, how long will I be clean?

High Voltage has products that are effective for up to 12 hours. Because a flush cleanses your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, the effects are only temporary. After a certain period the toxins that are still in your bloodstream will find their way to your urinary tract.

How do I make sure I use the High Voltage Fast Flush product correctly?

Each of our High Voltage Fast Flush products comes with instructions on how to use, you can also refer to our Information area of the site and click the link for the type of product you use.

How can I be sure that the High Voltage Fast Flush product actually works?

With over 2,000,000 satisfied customers, our products are the most successful on the market. In the last 9 years, our customer satisfaction rating has been 99.68%.

How much clean time do I need?

Although our products have been known to be effective after just 5 hours of abstaining, we recommend that you avoid ingesting the toxin 24-48 hours before using High Voltage Fast Flush products.

How long does it take for the High Voltage Fast Flush product to take effect?

It generally takes from 45 minutes to one hour for the toxins to be flushed from your body.

When should I take the High Voltage Fast Flush product?

The best plan is to use High Voltage Fast Flush 90 minutes before you need to be fully cleansed. This will allow you to urinate three times to allow the flush to work.

How much water should I drink?

You should pre-cleanse the night before by drinking 10-8oz glasses of water thru out the night, You’ll need to pace yourself, drinking slowly and steadily to avoid vomiting. It is not recommended to drink more then 32oz. of water in any given hour at one time.

Is it okay to drink more than 32 ounces of water an hour?

If you have trouble urinating, you can drink 44 to 48 ounces of water per hour. However, the product contains time-release supplements that could be released too soon. To make sure the product works with maximum efficiency, you should stick to less then 32 oz of water per hour.

How many times do I need to urinate?

You should urinate at least 3 times for the product to reach maximum effectiveness. Remember that every time you urinate or have a bowel movement, you are flushing more toxins out of your body. An increased level of bathroom activity is a normal by-product of both the flush and the amount of water you are drinking. This shouldn’t cause you concern.

Are there any common side-effects from High Voltage Fast Flushes?

Most customers report no side-effects. On rare occasion, some people experience vomiting or diarrhea.

Why is vomiting a possible side-effect?

When drinking large quantities of water, your stomach may fill too quickly. When this happens, vomiting may result. Remember to drink your water slowly, pausing frequently.

Is the product still effective if I vomit?

If you vomit within 30 minutes after taking the High Voltage Fast Flush product, then you must take it again. If you vomit after the product has had time to take effect (45-60 minutes), it should be effective.

Will it hurt me to take the High Voltage Fast Flush product more than once?

Taking the product two days in a row will not hurt you. We also recommend taking it once a week to help cleanse your body regularly.

If I use two flushes, will that work better?

Our most effective flush program is called a “double flush.” Under this program, you take the first flush, wait 90 minutes and take the second one. Don’t forget to pre-cleanse by drinking plenty of water the night before

How many glasses of water should I drink?

Depending on your weight – the proper hydration for your body is half your body weight times one ounce of water.

Should I eat while taking the products?

It is very important not to eat fried or acidic foods (such as fried chicken or citrus products) while taking the product and after taking the product. Healthy foods such as skinless chicken breast and/or salads are highly recommended.

Besides food, what should I avoid while taking the product?

Please avoid caffeine; fruit juices; over-the-counter and not prescribed medications; alcohol; acidic liquids (including vinegar, pickle juice, etc.); and other vitamins.

Will taking other Detox products make it more effective?

No, do not mix other brands of Detox with this brand as each brand has its unique formula. Ours has an effective formula mixed with a strong amount of vitamins and herbs.

How long should I stay away from toxins?

Avoid UNWANTED toxins for 24-48 hours and during your pre-cleanse the night before.

What should I do before taking the product?

For maximum results, be sure to pre-cleanse the night before you start the program of any of our detox products. You can pre-cleanse by drinking plenty of water (remember to keep in mind that the proper hydration for your body is half your body weight times one ounce of water).

I had neon green or yellow urine. Did I flush my system?

All our bodies are different and we’ve trained our bodies so well that they’ve gotten used to routine. Your body isn’t accustomed to taking high levels of vitamins and herbs causing your body to reject it. So you’ve flushed out all the vitamins and herbs that were meant to flush out your system.

I had diarrhea, was the product effective?

Everyone has different reactions because we’ve trained our bodies extremely well that they are not used to this strong intake of vitamins and herbs. If you had the symptom of diarrhea then your body rejected the high levels of vitamins and herbs. In this case, you have flushed out all the vitamins and herbs that were meant to flush your system of its unwanted toxins meaning your body still has unwanted toxins.

Are High Voltage Detox products unsafe to consume while pregnant?

While our products have been proven safe and effective for general consumption, we do not recommend use during pregnancy. This is because our formula is very potent and could disrupt the delicate nutritional balance needed for proper fetal development. We always recommend that you seek the advice of a medical professional before deciding to begin using any nutritional supplements.