Welcome Kit – Images

Welcome to High Voltage Detox, we’re glad you made the decision to carry a premium crossover brand of detox products. Like most Distributors/Wholesalers we are sure that you market your business thru catalogs, flyers, brochures or a website that promotes all your products, to make things a bit easier we would like to share our product image database with you; there are 2 High-Resolution files for each product that can be utilized for print (with mirror effect and without) and 1 Low-Resolution File (web) to ensure our product branding and look stay consistent.

Simply click on any of links below and download the product images that you are interested in, rest assure that all our images are cleaned up and easy for your art department to work with.

  • 16oz Liquid Drinks

  • 32oz Liquid Drinks

  • Liquid/Capsule Combos

  • Permanent Detox 5 Day

  • Fast Flush Capsules

  • Shampoo & Mouthwash

  • XStream Fetish Urine

  • Starter Kits & Specials