FAQs (Wholesale)

What is the shelf life on all products?

The shelf life on all our detox products is 3 years.

Not selling a specific product?

We can exchange the product or help you with various sales ideas.

How can I view the online catalog?

You must register and/or login to view the online catalog and wholesale pricing.

How do I get retail/marketing support?

We offer a Point of Purchase kit with all marketing: material flyers, posters, directions, stickers, etc.

How can I receive special offers?

If you register online and submit your email, you will receive weekly email specials.

How do you track your shipments?

You will receive tracking information via email upon shipping. We placed a link on the bottom of the page that you can use to help track your shipment.

Why carry multiple detox brands?

It is best to carry multiple detox brands to meet all customer’s needs, wants and budgets.

What makes High Voltage Detox a premium brand?

High Voltage Detox is not a masking agent and uses herbs and nutrients which is evident at the bottom of the bottle.

Why carry detox products?

Detox is becoming a crossover brand all over the country where Gas Stations, C-Stores, Nutrition Shops, Smoke Shops and novelty outlets are seeing a demand and most importantly it is a high profit margin item to sell.

What are the payment methods you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, credit card processing fee will apply. We also accept wire or ACH.

How can I get more information on your products?

Simply register and you will see more details and pricing on all our products.

How do you ship?

Orders under 10 cases will be shipped via FedEx, whereas 10+ will be shipped via Freight.

I have various store locations; can I ship to different stores?

Yes, when you proceed to check out you can change the shipping address by adding a new address under the delivery details before continuing with your checkout.

How can I get in touch with your Sales and Customer Service team?

On the bottom of all our pages on our site you can select contact under customer service, which will prompt you to email us or you can simply give us a call at 800-568-2595.