KN95 Face Masks

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Our KN95 Respirator Face Mask is a CE certified respiratory protective device designed for a comfortable facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. Made to the highest standards of quality, these masks will protect you from dust, pollution, germs, and bacteria that cause illness. Safe and affordable, for your home, office, or car.

Purchase in a Pack of 5, 10, 30, 50, 100, or 150.

The more you order the more you save per piece. If you need more just contact us.

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1. Face the face of the mask without the nose clip, and pull the rope with both hands so that the nose clip is above the mask.
2. Cover your chin with a mask.
3. Pull the earband behind your ear and adjust the earband to feel comfortable.
4. Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the nose clip, and press inward in ac­cordance with the shape of the bridge of the nose from both sides until it is fully pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose.

1. Without wearing a protective mask, long-term exposure to germs, dust, fog, smoke, toxic gas and toxic vapor environments can cause illness and death.
2. After each time wearing the mask, check the tightness to ensure that the mask is worn correctly.
3. Always wear a mask when exposed to a polluted or contaminated environment.
4. When you feel the breathing resistance increases significantly, or the mask is broken, you should replace the mask.
5. This mask cannot be sterilized in a microwave oven and cannot be washed.
6. Keep the mask clean when not in use. If not in use for a long time, put it in a clean sealed bag.
7. Dust masks are personal hygiene products and should not be shared after use.

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